Tarpaz is a Precious Metals Refinery providing the highest grade of service possible.

TARPAZ purchases gold and other precious metals via structured financial instruments, lines of credit and/or cash, from international and domestic mining producers and other qualified sellers, meeting the requirements set fourth by the U.S. Patriot Act.

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About Our Company

Tarpaz with primary offices located in New York, NY has been operating and refining precious metals since 2012.

Tarpaz Gold, Silver and Platinum Refinery

TARPAZ Precious Metals Refining

Tarpaz Refinery is recognized as a top tier refinery providing premium and transparent precious metals refiner services in accordance with the the rules and regulations of the US Patriot Act.

All new and existing clientele are systematically vetted via our in-house US Patriot Act compliance process which entails clearance via a rigorous personal and professional background check.  This process is performed before business can be conducted in any capacity.  Furthermore, it is repeated on a quarterly basis to assure professional compliance thereafter.

We have various and convenient options for businesses and individuals that want to buy or sell gold in New York City, elsewhere domestically or abroad. Our offices are located in Manhattan within New York’s Diamond District and our hours of operation are from MondayFriday between the hours of 9 AM to 5 PM New York Time.