TARPAZ Corporate Mission

TARPAZ operates at a level of professionalism, courtesy, and excellence that’s conducive to a refinery in allegiance to ethical and transparent business practices while maintaining strict compliance requisites governed by the US Patriot Act. Our team believes environmental and social responsibility are paramount and demonstrates that belief in a manner that earns the admiration of our clientele, vendors, and competition alike.

TARPAZ abides by the following standards and pledges to always:

  • Offer our clients an alternative to ecologically disruptive mining practices by utilizing conflict-free, 100% recycled fine gold and fine silver.
  • Provide our clientele premium services for recycling their precious metals with responsible, sustainable, transparent, and ecologically sound methods.
  • Maintain the highest ethical standards when dealing with our clients, vendors, and highly trained workforce.
  • Ensure that all of our products contain alloys derived from US Patriot Act compliant sources while meeting the highest standards of social and corporate responsibility via the highest standards of human rights and environmental awareness.
  • Maintain superior clientele satisfaction.
  • Desire to impart our success through acts of philanthropy as well as supporting global charity organizations.

Our Conflict-Free Promise

TARPAZ is committed to verifying that all precious metals purchased or sold within our operations are strictly conflict-free metals and pledges to procure our precious metals from sources which uphold the highest standards of human rights and labor practices in accordance with the US Patriot Act. TARPAZ refuses any metals deemed to be encumbered or from questionable sources.

For additional information on the Conflict-Free Gold Standard please click on the link below:

– World Gold Council