High-Grade Refining

TARPAZ strives to be an industry leader with the most advanced and on time service in precious metals refining. TARPAZ is committed to offering the best rates to its clients along with the most accurate and transparent Fluorescent X-RAY and Fire or cupellation assays. We can refine large volumes of precious metals, and do so by using state of the art technology that will keep us on the forefront of industrial refining for decades to come.

Tarpaz High-Grade Refining process

TARPAZ excels in precious metals refining over competitors by utilizing ultra advanced technology and US Patriot Act compliant business practices. Our company refines scrap precious metals, including Gold and Silver to 99.99% fine gold and 99.90% sliver. Therefore, our refining operation upgrades impute metals to fine products through an array of unique and sophisticated precious metals refining practices. The TARPAZ management team has developed our highly transparent and compliant businesses practices and is constantly perfecting said practices within the scope of our business model.