Low Grade Refining

Tarpaz refinery has a low grade refining that processes an array of materials of lower concentrations of precious metals. We have a state of the art facility in New York’s Diamond District that is fully equipped to ensure our clients the best degree of accuracy on all settlements.

What Metals We Refine

Tarpaz’s low-grade refining capabilities are:

  • Slags
  • Crucibles
  • Mechanically-processed sweeps
  • Low-grade copper-based bullion with precious metals
  • Dried non-hazardous sludges
  • Grindings
  • Polishings
  • Bench waste

We have a commitment to our environment

Tarpaz is committed to keeping the environment safe as well as our employees. We do not accept the following material Cadmium, Selenium, Beryllium, Mercury or radio-active materials.